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“Reiki” session – energetic healing


“Reiki” session – energetic healing

35 €

Reiki is a revived ancient healing method, during which hands are laid on the body. Translated from Japanese it means the universal healing energy. The word “rei” means absolute, spirit and the word “ki” – energy. Using Reiki energetic method a person can help not only himself, but also others around him after the first touch of the masseur.

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Harmonious energy impact

Reiki energy massage energy recharges the internal organs, harmonizes and strengthens their functions, cleanses of slag and build-up toxins, relieves pain of various origins, helps get rid of ailments, disorders and stress. Reiki energy aid increased disease resistance, improves efficiency, the overall well-being. Reiki energy does not heal, but helps to get rid of the problems caused by bad nutrition and thinking. This energy recharges the energy centers through which the impulse is given to endocrine and nervous systems. When the nervous signals are strengthened the speed of blood flow is increased. When the body is cleaned, all the energy can be directed to other body functions, for example wound healing or improving internal organ functions.


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